Ramatou Ouedraogo: "The European Championships are always my goal"

Ramatou Ouedraogo: "The European Championships are always my goal"

French rider Ramatou Ouedraogo is already making her way to the top in the international sport at barely twenty years of age. This week she will be part of the French team to start in the Nations Cup of Fontainebleau, France. The organization of BIP was able to take the young rider aside to hear how she sees the upcoming week and with which horses she will be seen in the arena. 

Which horses did you bring with you in Fontainebleau this week? 

Ramatou Ouedraogo: "I will be competing in the CSIO Young Riders class in Fontainebleau with Jilbert and Up To You. The championships and CSI events last week went well and it has been a good preparation for my two horses for the CSIO this week."

Are the European Championships a goal for you again?

"The European Championships are always my goal and I hope to be selected with either Jilbert or Up To You. Moreover, this year it will take place in Oliva, it will be a real pleasure for me and I hope to finally discover this beautiful venue during the European Championships!" 

Can you tell us a little more about your trajectory and goals with Jilbert van't Ruytershof?

"Jilbert came to my stable at the beginning of January. I am very happy to be his rider and to have the confidence that the GFE has given me again after Up To You and Consul DL Vie Z, who is now retired. He was previously ridden by Belgian rider Constant Van Paesschen. He is a wonderful horse to take care of, with a good character and a lot of power and blood. So my goals would be the European Championships." 

What are you most looking forward to this week with the French team?

"This week here is specifically dedicated to young riders. I am very happy to participate with my two main horses. Representing France is the cherry on top of the work I've done with my coach, Manuel Henry, who has been following me since I was a kid. It is also a huge responsibility and beautiful opportunity so I am extremely proud of it."

The selections for the Nations Cup have been made and you are one of five riders selected by the federal staff! How does that make you feel? 

"I am happy with this selection because the federal staff has given us lots of confidence. My two stallions are in good shape. This first selection of the year is an honor because both our team and all the horses are in top shape!"

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