Sophie Hinners wins Grand Prix of Riesenbeck: "My goal is CHIO Aachen"

Sophie Hinners wins Grand Prix of Riesenbeck: "My goal is CHIO Aachen"

In the final of the Grand Tour, the Grand Prix of Riesenbeck, Sophie Hinners once again showed what she is made of. The 25-year-old won the international CSI2* jumping competition over a 1.45-meter course after a jump-off with the 12-year-old gelding Beryl de Pres (v. Popstair Lozonais). Second place went to Ludger Beerbaum's stable rider, Philipp Hartmann on Cool Feeling (v. Cornado I). Third place went to Josch Löhden. Eleven of the 40 starter pairs had remained clear after a demanding round.

Sophie Hinners had already won the main jumping competition at the start of the tournament on Thursday and was seventh in the advanced (S) level jumping competition of the Grand Tour on Friday. 

Hinners is only 25 years old.  For some time now, she has been praised as the greatest talent by the entire squad of top international riders, always with the appreciative addendum: "very hard-working, extremely nice, reserved and grounded." Her patron and co-owner of several horses, Dutchman Emile Hendrix, is pleased: "I've been really lucky with Sophie." Her most important successes so far are victories at EEF Nations Cups with the team, second place at the German Masters in Stuttgart 2022.

Sophie, what can you learn or copy from Janne-Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann, your patriot?

"Maybe that as a woman you also have the same opportunities and can be successful in sport. And that family and show jumping can go hand in hand, right up to the top of the world. After the birth of her son, Janne quickly found her feet again and is a very good example for women my age, who at some point also want to start a family and continue to pursue top equestrian sport." 

You have already been here several times. Why did you choose this tournament?

"I chose this tournament, where I always super enjoy riding, as preparation for Neumünster. The final of the Riders Tour will take place there. Janne is in the lead, I am in second place. The first three places will each win a car. It would be great if the two of us were there."

Is there a tournament in your 2023 calendar that you definitely want to participate in?

"My biggest goal is to be able to ride at the CHIO in Aachen again. I was already allowed to compete in the Grand Tour once in 2021.  Aachen is the favorite tournament of almost all riders. If our stable with Richie, David (Richard Vogel, David Will) and me were there, that would be super."

You have been in the business professionally for some time, have trained and successfully presented horses that have then been sold. How do you deal with this emotionally? Does it get easier the more horses leave the stable?

"It's not easy with any horse when it leaves the stable and you mourn after it. But on the other hand, I grew up with it, it was part of it from an early age. That's our business. I'm happy when I get to ride horses that I can improve and that other people then want to have. It's a confirmation of my work when it also goes well under another rider. As Janne said, it's a privilege. And when a horse leaves, a new one comes into the stable. It's this challenge, always adjusting to new tasks, getting to know new characters, that I enjoy."

Is there such a thing as a women's network for getting support in equestrian sports? Or does the much-vaunted equality of the sexes actually take place in equestrian sports?

"I'm not aware of any network either. You have girlfriends at the tournament who stick together. With Janne and Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, I only realized that the maternity leave rule was not fair. I hope that one day I can benefit from what Janne has fought for and that there will be justice for mothers in the future."

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