Christina Liebherr retires from top sport

Christina Liebherr retires from top sport

On her Instagram account Switzerland's female ride, Christina Liebherr has announced she retires from the top level sport. "It is with pain in my heart I have made this decision. But I reflected about it for a long while."

Liebherr says her goodbyes to the top level sport as her sponsor has decided to sell all horses and quit investing in the sport. "He has come at an age he wants to do other things,". On top the owners of La Baumetta, the home and training place, where Liebherr lived the past 22 years,  has decided to sell the real estate.

What the future will bring is yet unknown. "I have many ideas and challenges ahead. There's nothing certain yet."

Liebherr will however continue riding her own youngsters and own bred horses. But top level sport is no longer an option.

source: Instagram