Dietz: “Stressfull situations can cause stomach irritation that needs to be prevented”

Dietz: “Stressfull situations can cause stomach irritation that needs to be prevented”

Competitions are starting again and that may be great news for us, for some horses this is a stressfactor they probably have not missed the last couple of months. Our horse of course like competing, but they want to do so good this causes a bit off stress? With the CALMRELAX calming paste of Equine 74®, you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

New on the market as of this week, CALMRELAX builds on Equine 74®’s success product Equine 74®GASTRIC – a 100 % natural red algae-based supplement, that absorbs excess gastric acid to help create a natural and well-balanced horse stomach. Equine 74®GASTRIC, available as pellets or powder, has since its launch become a must-have in feeding rooms world-wide as an effective and natural preventer of stomach ulcers.

“Many riders using Equine 74®GASTRIC on their horses approached us and asked if we could not develop a quick-working paste for horses that are prone to stress,” Christian Dietz – CEO of Dietz & Consorten GmbH, owner of the worldwide distribution rights for the Equine 74® supplement series – explains.

Dietz, who has studied agricultural sciences with intensive work in animal breeding and husbandry, took the challenge. The result is Equine 74® CALMRELAX. “Next to stress relief, Equine 74®CALMRELAX is particularly suitable for horses with a sensitive stomach or irritated mucous membrane as well as for horses that are sensitive to new, unfamiliar or stressful situations,” Dietz tells. “Such situations can be anything from competitions, truck or trailer travels, changes in the herd, the breaking in of young horses or the weaning of foals.”

The CALMRELAX paste consists of a unique combination of Equine 74® Gastric and the brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum – which grows off the coast of Scotland. “Each syringe contains about 3.70 gr. of magnesium,” Dietz tells. “Magnesium is proven to calm the nerves* and is therefore ideal to help calm and relax horses in stressful situations. Due to the paste's rapid decomposition process and an extremely high bioavailability of 98%, the magnesium is very quick-acting.”

“Equine 74®CALMRELAX has been tested in the FEI's official anti-doping laboratory in Germany – and can be administered to any horse, whether a sport horse, leisure horse, foal or small pony,” Dietz tells.

“For horses, stressful situations increase production of aggressive gastric acid that can reach the sensitive lining in the upper, glandless part of the stomach. This causes stomach irritation and pain, which again can create additional stress,” Dietz explains. “We have developed Equine 74®CALMRELAX to blend with the stomach acid to form a gel-like substance, creating a protective barrier that covers the stomach contents like a film – preventing the acid from reaching these sensitive areas. This protective film then dissolves and is excreted directly from the intestine without being absorbed into the blood.”