EEF signs up as the IGA's first National Federation Friend

EEF signs up as the IGA's first National Federation Friend

The International Grooms Association (IGA) is very pleased to announce the launch of our National Federation Friends program. The program was unveiled in a presentation by the IGA to the European Equestrian Federation (EEF) at the FEI General Assembly.

This exciting new project signifies a new and formal working relationship between the IGA and National Federations (NFs) from around the world. During the FEI General Assembly, the EEF pledged its support for the project and became the first official NF partner.

The mission of the IGA is to strive to achieve recognition with a collaborative voice, greater career opportunities, status and working environments for all grooms working within FEI level equestrian disciplines. This new program is launched with the aim of working in partnership with the National Federations to develop their plans for the grooms that work in international equestrian sport in their country.

By working together, the IGA and NFs can achieve a significantly positive development in the recognition of the role of the international groom, and uphold standards within horse sport.

IGA Founding Director Lucy Katan said “The key to achieving change is to work with the National Federations. It is impossible for the IGA to create meaningful, long lasting change on our own. The NF’s are our friends and we would like to work in partnership as it is all of our responsibility.”

The IGA is delighted that the EEF was the very first ‘Friend’ and that over twenty other Federations pledged their commitment at the General Assembly.

EEF President Theo Ploegmakers said “The grooms are an essential part of our sport, and we need to ensure they are properly cared for and developed not just now, but for the future. To ensure our sport is sustainable we need to continue to attract new grooms and ensure it is a viable career path, the work of the IGA is paramount to this, and we will do all we can to support their mission.”

The Federations who are joining this project are sending a very clear signal of their understanding of the importance of grooms in achieving sporting excellence.

Source: Press Release EEF / IGA