Hope for speedy recovery for Ludger Beerbaum!

Hope for speedy recovery for Ludger Beerbaum!

This weekend will go down in the history books of the Ludger Beerbaum and Riesenbeck International stable. What have you set out to do, the three riders Ludger Beerbaum, Philipp Weishaupt and Christian Kukuk! With their new team Riesenbeck International, they wanted to knock down a peg right at the first leg in Doha and set the course for successfully defending their overall victory in the Global Champions League.

Then the stumble of Ludger's horse Christians Carado happened in a frame jump on Thursday, the team leader could not ride out the momentum - and landed in the warm sandy ground of the ultra-modern Al Shakab riding stadium.  Ludger Beerbaum immediately felt that this was more than a harmless fall. The diagnosis was made at the hospital: fracture of the thigh. Bad news that put everything else in the background.

Fortunately in the misfortune no large operation was necessary, but a stabilization with plate and screw. "It went well," Ludger Beerbaum announced from the hospital room.

The colleagues breathed a sigh of relief and changed the plan. With the boss and his Mila out, Philipp Weishaupt came in with his experienced Coby. Christian Kukuk relied on Mumbai, with whom he forms a well-rehearsed and successful pair.

Philipp: "It is a very special moment for me. To win this Longines Global Chamopions Tour Grand Prix of Doha. If my best horse Coby would have won, it would have been nice, but not so surprising for a long time. The plan was quite different. We had to change horses due to Ludger's accident.

source: Press Release