IJRC replies on vote of FEI General Assembly regarding the Olympic Format

IJRC replies on vote of FEI General Assembly regarding the Olympic Format

A few weeks have gone by since the FEI General Assembly was held in Antwerp. Meanwhile the IJRC replies again on the choices made at the General Assembly. "The time has been useful in allowing us to address a number of issues that express the concern of someone who has always lived this sport with passion."

It seems that the conflict surrounding the Olympic format is not one between European nations and the rest of the world, but rather between those who have competed in the Games and those who have not. It has emerged that of the 30 countries that voted for a 4 -rider team with a drop score, about 90% had competed in the Olympic Games.

Of the 34 countries that had competed in the Olympics only about 10% preferred the 3-rider format with no drop score.

Of the 70 countries in favour of the three-rider format less than 10% had ever competed in the Olympics or had riders who compete in Nations Cups or 5* shows.

For many of the countries that voted for the 3-rider format, there are sadly not the premises for competing in the Paris Olympics to be held in just two years’ time.

Many federations certainly considered the opinions expressed by the IOC’s Sport Director, opinions that express correct concepts that we respect and that have also been acknowledged by our institutions.

In this letter, however, there is a word missing that is essential to all of us: HORSES. Horses are the reason for which all those involved in equestrian sports are here; they are our partners in sport and in life.

At this point is becomes natural to ask oneself why the countries taking part in the Olympic Games should obey rules dictated by federations that have no Olympic experience whatsoever and the vast majority of which will be unable to qualify for Paris in 2024?

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