Horse stuck on gate has lucky escape

Horse stuck on gate has lucky escape
A vet and three fire crews from Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, including an animal rescue team, arrived to help free a hunter who became stuck on a fence. His owner, Netia Walker, who hunts with the Beaufort, described it as a “jolt” back to reality after enjoying a weekend away.

A vet from B&W Equine Vets’ Willesley practice arrived to sedate Henry so he could be freed. However, he panicked and trapped his leg further in the gate.

The vet sedated him and sawed off one of the beams to free his limb. Firefighters then arrived to release the rest of the horse.

As Henry was trapped over the point of the gate, cutting through the top beam would have risked impaling him on the spoke underneath.

The firefighters carefully sawed through parts of the structure to allow Henry to be freed, unscathed.