Lebeau Courally and Jumping Antwerp a "Match made in heaven"

Lebeau Courally and Jumping Antwerp a "Match made in heaven"
The Belgian brand Lebeau-Courally started his history as a designer of high class hunting guns. From the European Royal families to the Russian Tsar, everyone had a least one Lebeau in his collection. Some years ago it was the belgian Joris Ide who took over the brand. Today Lebeau Courally is better known for his incredibly nice watches, but their guns will remain a nice surprise in the happy few their inheritance.

For over a 150 years Lebeau-Courally is a known value when it comes to fashion and luxury accessoires. This makes as very happy to announce that Lebeau-Courally will return to Jumping Antwerp as a Partner.

When we ask Lebeau Courally why they chose to have a partnership with Jumping Antwerp, their answer is very clear.

"We, at Lebeau-Courally, are convinced that the equestrian world appreciates our products. People who are in the equatrian business are authentic, have passion for their profession and have a great eye for details and finishing touches.
These are also the values that we share and that we find very important. Every product is a unique piece of art that is made by our own watchmaker." 
says Pieter Vandierendonck, representative of Lebeau-Courally.

Pieter is very proud to support an event such as Jumping Antwerp and says :.

"Jumping Antwerpen is a unique evenement in great environment where quality, detail and world class sports are the main focus. It is the ideal place to show and to promote our goods"

But it doesn't stop there for Lebeau. This exclusive brand has especially design a watch for Jumping Antwerp. This sophisticated and fancy piece of jewelry  is a Limited Edition watch that is only for sale in a small circulation. They do this to protect the uniqueness and the quality and finishing.

The winner of the Grand Prix on Saturday will be one of the 25 happy owners of this watch. The other 24 watches will be sold.  Besides the fact that it is a limited edition watch, the dial is also designed especially for this watch. No other watch has the same dial as the watch made for Jumping Antwerp.

We are looking forward to this partnership and we hope you will be there as well! Curious to see the design ? Keep an eye on the website and be the first one to see the complete design!