LIVE: GOLD for team Sweden!!!

LIVE: GOLD for team Sweden!!!

Today the final of the team competition is on the programm. Online streaming is possible from 12.00 onwards via Eurosport. We will also keep you informed via this page! 

Photo: Libby Law

14.06 Peder Fredricson verzekert de overwinning voor Sweden

14.08 McLain Ward finishes clear in 39.95 seconds.

14.02 Malin Baryard Johnsson jumps clear in 41.89 seconds, last rider will be decisive

13.59 Jessica Springsteen also rides a clear round and finishes in 42.95 seconds

13.57 Henrik von Eckermann also jumps a clear round and stops the chrono after 42.00 seconds

13.55 Laura Kraut does a clear round in 41.33 and can thus put the pressure on the Swedes.

13.40 Penelope Leprevost is ruled out. Because of this Sweden and the USA have to fight in a jump-off for gold and silver

13;33 Peder Fredricson is the last rider for team Sweden. He too gets one jumping fault behind his name

13.32 McLain Ward shows world class but also gets one jumping fault behind his name

13.31 The final riders of both the Netherlands and Belgium get two bars out of the fences

13.22 Daniel Deusser is next in line. He cannot jump a clear round either and retires

13.20 Pedro Veniss is the last Brazilian to defend his country's colours. However, he too is unable to finish with a clear round.

13.18 Steve Guerdat is the last rider for the Swiss. However, he too is unable to keep the zero

13.14 The Argentines send their last candidate into the ring. However, they know that a medal is out of the question

12.53 Malin Baryard-Johnsson gets one jumping fault which means the competition is back on! 

12.51 Guery jumps a clear round in the saddle of Quel Homme so that Belgium stays on the medal track! 

12.48 Maurice Tebbel is next in line. He can finish for Germany with one jumping fault

12.44 Bryan Balsiger is the next Swiss rider to take part. He has four jumping faults behind his name

12.40 Jessica Springsteen is next in the ring. She rides Don Juan vd Donkhoeve to the finish with one jumping fault

12.37 Mathieu Billot is the next rider in the final for France. He only gets one point for time

12.36 Harry Charles is the second rider for Great Britain. He finished with two jumping faults

12.36 Harry Charles is de tweede ruiter voor Groot-Brittanië. Hij sluit af met 

12.33 Yuri Mansur is the second Brazilian to start. He crosses the finish line with only one jumping fault

12.31 Harrie Smolders does it flawless with Bingo du Parc! 

12.28 For the Argentines, Martin Dopazo starts second. He concludes with 13 penalty points

12.26 Henrik von Eckermann and King Edward do what is expected of them: jump clear

12.23 Pieter Devos and Claire Z open the Belgian scoring with four penalty points

12.21 The Germans are next in line. Andre Thieme is riding very strongly but still gets two jumping faults behind his name.

12.18 Martin Fuchs is first in line for the Swiss. He drives Clooney to the finish with eight penalty points.

12.16 Laura Kraut is the first American in the ring. She managed to jump a clear round!

12.14 Simon Delestre is the first rider to go for France. He is the first to go clear but gets one point for time.

12.11 Great Britain sends Holly Smith into the ring first. She concludes with 4 jumping faults

12.08 Marlon Zanotelli is the first to go for Brazil. He has three jumping faults behind his name.

12.05 Marc Houtzager and Dante close with 9 penalty points

12.02 Fabian Sejanes is the first to go for Argentina. He can finish the course with 14 penalty points