Douglas Lindelöw comments to accusations of horse abuse

Douglas Lindelöw comments to accusations of horse abuse

In a recent Instagram post, Swedish equestrian Douglas Lindelöw has taken a stand to defend himself against serious allegations of horse mismanagement. Addressing the accusations head-on, Lindelöw acknowledges the gravity of the situation while denying any wrongdoing.

"I fully recognize the gravity of the situation but firmly refute the accusations of horse mismanagement," Lindelöw writes in his post. "While I am certainly not infallible, I maintain that our care and training of horses are conducted with utmost respect and in compliance with established norms and regulations".

Lindelöw further underscores the integrity of his operations by highlighting past confirmations of compliance through inspections by authorities. He reveals that just this week, he initiated an independent veterinary examination of all his horses, the results of which yielded no remarks, affirming his commitment to equine welfare.

"In light of the recent allegations, we are of course prepared to fully cooperate with any potential investigations or inquiries - which we welcome. We are open to implementing further measures to ensure and enhance the welfare of our animals if necessary.

With that said, I urge the Swedish Equestrian Federation to initiate a broader review of the industry in Sweden, as concerns are occasionally raised about horses being pushed too hard and improper methods being used. It is in everyone’s interest to thoroughly investigate these concerns."

As the investigative process unfolds, Lindelöw announces his decision not to respond to further questions at this time.

Source: Instagram