"Hydrated Happy Grooms" aims to raise awareness about providing access to potable water at competitions!

"Hydrated Happy Grooms" aims to raise awareness about providing access to potable water at competitions!

In a world where themes like equine welfare often dominate, there's a group of hardworking individuals working behind the scenes to ensure our four-legged companions are in top condition: the grooms. Unfortunately, these dedicated caretakers often go unnoticed when it comes to their own well-being. The International Grooms Association (IGA) is taking action and launching the "Hydrated Happy Grooms" campaign to shed light on the challenges faced by grooms. Specifically, the campaign focuses on the provision of adequate drinking water, which is often inadequate or simply absent at multi-day competitions.

According to a recent article published by the IGA, many grooms are forced to quench their thirst by drinking from garden hoses, which they also use for the horses, posing a significant health risk. The lack of access to clean and safe drinking water for grooms at competitions is emphasized. This lack of basic amenities can lead to dehydration and health issues among grooms, which in turn can negatively impact their ability or willingness to care for the horses.

The IGA's "Hydrated Happy Grooms" campaign aims to create awareness about this crucial issue while also presenting solutions. The campaign advocates for improved access to drinking water facilities for grooms, including the installation of water points near the horse facilities. The goal is to ensure that grooms can remain hydrated in a safe and healthy manner, enabling them to carry out their essential tasks properly. The IGA calls upon the entire equestrian community to support the campaign. This includes not only horse owners and trainers but also stable managers and competition organizers. Together, they can ensure that grooms receive the recognition and support they deserve, and that their basic needs, such as access to clean drinking water, are met.

The well-being of grooms is vital to the horse industry. They play a crucial role in caring for and maintaining the health and welfare of the horses. It's therefore essential that their own well-being is taken seriously, and measures are put in place to ensure they stay hydrated and healthy during their work.

Source: de Paarden Gazet / IGA