‘Kristien, Fleur de Lys​®​ agent, discusses the most common problems with saddling a horse and how to resolve them’

‘Kristien, Fleur de Lys​®​ agent, discusses the most common problems with saddling a horse and how to resolve them’
A fitting saddle is of great importance for the comfort of you and your horse. But what are the most common problems with an ill-fitting saddle and what conditions should a perfectly fitting saddle meet? We asked a saddle expert! 

Kristien, as a saddle expert, what problems have you come across and how did you resolve them?

The most common problem I see are too narrow saddle trees. The horses feel blocked in their movement and cannot move freely. Of course this has its repercussions especially when jumping.Our Fleur de Lys saddles​ are known for resolving these problems and increase performance leading to top results.

I can imagine for riders their seat is also very important ...

Yes, very important for the seat is a close contact feel and correct position. Sometimes legs can get pushed away from the horse and you might lose your position and close contact feel. Our Pompadour® saddles are especially designed so you have optimal close contact; not only that: our saddles make sure your leg position is always correct. Feel free to try for yourself and you will certainly feel the difference.

You hear a lot about horses with back problems. Is that something you take into account?

Of course! Saddles can play a big role in that. First of all: the fit needs to be correct and I take much care in that. Secondly, panels can come to close to the back nerve making the horse cringe/stiffen, also the line of the panels can move very straight which is uncomfortable to the horse. Fleur de Lys® has a special patented foam filling the panels they are resilient and do not get though. Also, Fleur de Lys® panels start lower and are further away from the back nerve. The line curves so the panels follow the back nicely, the fit is ideal and the weight gets distributed evenly over the back. Result: a happy horse with a relaxed back.

So Kristien, what made you decide to work with Fleur de Lys®?

That decision was easily made. Fleur de Lys® stands for artisanal craftsmanship and high top quality. Fleur de Lys® proudly wear the official label of French craftsmanship (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), and make the finest saddles by hand in Pompadour, France. They always have the customer top of mind. Since I am also an ecological conscious person; I am very happy with the fact that Fleur de Lys® saddles are made with noble materials that only come from environmentally conscious and local companies.

I also love that the product always evolves. Fleur de Lys® make a point of making the products better every time and improve them where possible. By working with top riders they have developed an innovative saddle and one-of-a-kind product which I can proudly represent.

Like to try out a Fleur de Lys saddle? Feel free to contact Kristien Noblesse for a free demo: +32 470 22 26 94