Morgan Barbançon Mestre: "We should strive towards a more respectful environment"

Morgan Barbançon Mestre: "We should strive towards a more respectful environment"

Last Wednesday, Morgan Barbançon Mestre had to settle for fourteenth place with Sir Donnerhall II in the opening of the Grand Prix of the World Cup Final. And there was quite a bit of disappointment involved. With a score of 68.292%, the only French dressage rider in this event refused to give interviews. However, she later poured her heart out on social media: "To be completely honest, this is the first time in my career that I've left the ring with such a bittersweet feeling, and I don't think I'm the only one."

"I am very proud of my horse. Despite his eighteen years, he is still as fresh and happy to do his work. He performed a smooth and flawless test today, exactly what I strive for: to show elegance, harmony, and a happy athlete. In twenty years of presence on the international scene, I have never expressed what I had in my heart, but today I do because I feel extremely betrayed by our sport. A sport so beautiful and yet so political.

Recognition for the work

"All we ask for is a little more recognition for our work. Unfortunately, it seems that even if we compete in the same event, often not all riders are judged in the same way. Today, in my case, my pursuit of harmony was interpreted as a lack of energy. Overall, this lack of fairness is a lack of respect for the horses, the riders, and all the people who support us directly and indirectly. We simply want to be fairly judged and respected for our efforts because ultimately, we are the heart of this sport. This doesn't change the love I have for my horses and for this sport, but today, I am questioning many things.

Striving for a respectful environment for everyone

She also mentions that her comments are not directed towards fellow riders. "I congratulate everyone for their dedication and shared passion for this sport. I am grateful to be surrounded by talented riders who inspire me and help me improve." However, putting things into perspective should be possible according to her. "Even if expressing my thoughts could have negative consequences for me, I genuinely believe it's simply fair to myself to do so."

By speaking out, Morgan hopes to draw attention to some of the challenges faced and work towards creating a more balanced and respectful environment for all participants.

Source: Grand Prix