Trade in the South: A quick success under the sun?

Trade in the South: A quick success under the sun?

In the south of Europe, where the sun always shines and equestrian sports flourish during competitions like the Sunshine Tour, the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour,... remarkable stories and transfers often take place. One such story is that of Hitch, a promising seven-year-old stallion, who went from purchase to victory in just two days.

The protagonist in this story is Jérôme Guéry, a Belgian Olympian, best known for his successful career as a rider and trader. During a recent tour in Oliva, Spain, his attention was drawn to Hitch, a talented horse he saw shining under Thierry Rozier in the seven-year-old class.

What makes this story remarkable is not only the speed at which the transaction took place but also its background. Hitch was originally owned by Guillaume Canet, the famous French actor and director, who invested in the horse with the intention of riding it himself. However, due to his busy schedule in the film industry, Thierry Rozier was tasked with training the horse, with the intention of eventually transferring it to Canet.

Guéry, known for his keen eye for talent, immediately recognized Hitch's potential and decided to make the purchase. This resulted in a lightning-fast transaction, with the horse changing ownership within two days and then triumphing in the ring the following day.

For Guéry, Hitch is not only a promising sport horse but also an investment in the future. With his focus on the long term, he hopes to develop Hitch into a Grand Prix-level horse while maintaining its value.

With the large turnout of riders, horses, traders, and owners in extended competitions like those held in Oliva, Vejer de la Frontera,... a hotbed of opportunities emerges. Those seeking talent can observe them over multiple days and courses before approaching the right person. The advantage of trading in the South is perhaps that everything is centralized, from top horses to riders and owners willing to find a new home for their animal.

F. ©: 1clicphoto - Jérôme Guery and Hitch