The Auction announces the creation of the first “Breeders Awards” presented at the upcoming “spring collection”

The Auction announces the creation of the first “Breeders Awards” presented at the upcoming “spring collection”

The Auction returns with an exceptional LIVE & ON-LINE “Spring Collection Sale” that will take place at Ecuries d’Ecaussinnes in Belgium, on April 5, 2022. 

On this occasion, The Auction wishes to pay tribute and highlight the work of today’s top sport horses breeders. Their contribution to the equestrian ecosystem is paramount to the success and growth of the industry yet they sometimes do not get the official recognition they deserve.  It is through the hard work, passion, dedication and unparallel know-how and professionalism of family of breeders that we have seen an noticeable increase in the quality of sport horses produced over the years.

The ceremony of First Edition of the “Breeders Awards” will take place during The Auction “Spring Collection Sale”.

The Auction will present a unique catalog of sport horses of promising talent, remarkable origins and abilities across all ages: from unique embryos, yearlings, performers young and experienced.

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The Auction has five spectacular sales under its belt and an impressive track record of exceptional collections. In February 2019 it launched the first live & online sales of show jumping embryos in Hong Kong.  Reaching a record average price of 26,000 Euros per lot, this pioneering sale was the first of its kind in Asia.

In December of the same year, The Auction returned downtown Paris under the gilded roof of the historical Cirque d’hiver with “Yearlings & Performers” which reached 1,9 Million Euros in sales.  The record top price of 560,000 euros was reached by for young performer Dakota de l’Ardrais, a Selle français (Urlevent du Bary x Elan Delacour), and by yearling Savannah de Muze daughter of Emerald and grand-daughter of Olympic mare Butterfly Flip which went down for 70,000 Euros.

In February 2020, The Auction “Rare & Iconic Embryo” on-line sale attracted bidders from more that 14 different countries with a top price of 40,000 euros reached by no other than our surprise foal born 24h before the auction, a colt by Cornet du Lys and Electra Van’t Roosakker. In full covid period, The Auction organized a charity auction raising fund for the French equestrian centers during Covid.

The Auction last “Winter Sale” in December 2020 was held 100% on-line due to Covid restrictions.  Thanks to The Auction LIVE virtual studio, bidders were able to follow the action, discover the selection and get insight through world’s equestrian experts. 

About The Auction®

Inspired by the world of Art and Horse Racing, The Auction® aims to bring professionalism, transparency and reliability to the equestrian trade,  to create a meeting point for buyers and sellers and give access to new horse owners and investors in the equestrian sector.  The Auction® is recognized for the exceptional quality of its selections as much as its constant strive to bring innovation and a unique experience for sellers and buyers from around the world.