Unveiling SmartHorse: Pioneering equine wellbeing

Unveiling SmartHorse: Pioneering equine wellbeing

The timeless bond between humans and horses has evolved, transforming these majestic creatures from mere workhorses to cherished companions. As the equestrian landscape undergoes a paradigm shift, ensuring the wellbeing of our equine friends becomes paramount. Introducing the SmartHorse system – an innovative solution designed to revolutionize equine healthcare.

In Partnership with Dr. Hab. Małgorzata Maśko and Dr. Olga Kulesza

Understanding the Challenge: Modern Life, Ancient Anatomy

In the wild, horses roamed vast terrains, developing robust musculoskeletal systems through natural, varied movements. However, contemporary equine lifestyles often confine them to stables, limiting natural exercise and leading to a host of issues – from behavioral problems to internal medicine complications and, most notably, musculoskeletal challenges.

A Symphony of Elements: The Musculoskeletal System

The equine musculoskeletal system comprises muscles, bones, tendons, and joints. Historically, horses in the wild naturally built muscle mass through diverse terrains, aiding in proper load distribution. However, modern practices, including early training and insufficient muscle development, contribute to skeletal overloads, leading to conditions like splints, ringbones, and joint degenerations.

Enter SmartHorse: A Guardian of Equine Health

SmartHorse is a cutting-edge system featuring five sensors strategically placed on a horse's limbs and bridle headpiece. Paired with a user-friendly app, it enables effortless monitoring of the equine locomotor system. Dr. Hab. Małgorzata Maśko and Dr. Olga Kulesza, our esteemed collaborators, bring expertise and supervision to the project, ensuring accurate tests and analysis.

Simple, Yet Profound: How SmartHorse Works

Using SmartHorse is straightforward. After attaching the sensors, the horse is guided through a series of movements – walking, trotting, and lunging. The sensors capture limb positions and head movements, which are then analyzed by specialized software. The results, presented through intuitive graphs, identify potential asymmetries and pinpoint the limbs requiring attention.

Beyond Doubt: Early Detection for Equine Wellness

SmartHorse ends the age-old dilemma of determining lameness in horses. Riders and trainers can swiftly identify asymmetries, enabling early diagnostics and treatment. This translates to a reduced recovery time, ensuring horses can return to work free from pain and discomfort.

A Lifeline for Equine Athletes: SmartHorse’s Impact

Thanks to SmartHorse, horses now have the opportunity for a pain-free, extended career in sports or recreation. It alleviates uncertainties, empowers timely intervention, and fosters a deeper understanding of equine health.

Innovation with Purpose: Project Collaboration

Dr. Hab. Małgorzata Maśko and Dr. Olga Kulesza bring their wealth of knowledge to SmartHorse, ensuring the project's success. Supported by the European Union's Eastern Poland European Fund, this initiative aligns with the Operational Program Eastern Poland 2014-2020, focusing on entrepreneurial development.

Anticipating 2024: SmartHorse’s Arrival

SmartHorse is set to revolutionize equine healthcare, with the system available for purchase from the beginning of 2024. Stay informed through our official channels:

- Website: [www.smarthorse.com.pl]

- Facebook: [SmartHorse]