Bram Chardon on winning streak in World Cup Driving of Geneva

Bram Chardon on winning streak in World Cup Driving of Geneva

The World Cup Driving at the prestigious CHI Geneva again provided excitement all around. The Dutchman Bram Chardon twice sent his four-in-hand of handsome grays around at lightning speed, to eventually, just like last year, confidently capture the gold medal.

Bram Chardon, with in the four-in-hand Dreef Inca, Dreef Kapitany, Favory Farao and Kendi had one ball rolling during the first round, but still managed to qualify for the decisive drive-off round with a razor-sharp time. There Chardon once again brought out the speed demon in himself, ending at an unbeatable chrono of 152.45 seconds. 

Michael Brauchle had the fastest time during the first round, but was unable to do this trick a second time during the drive-off. The German finished on 157.13 seconds, sending Joey 229, Quidditch S, Sunny 981 and Zatijn to the second podium spot.

With the youngest four-in-hand of all, Belgian Dries Degrieck rode two brilliant rounds. With Incitato XV-30 and the KWPN geldings Hunter, Kane B, Leon he rushed to the bronze medal during the drive-off with a time of 160.09 seconds.

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Photo: © CHI Geneva