A double for Stefan Eder at the Morocco Royal Tour

A double for Stefan Eder at the Morocco Royal Tour

At the venue of the Royal Guard in Tetouan, the Austrian anthem sang out twice on Saturday as Stefan Eder won the two CSI4*-W competitions. 

The highlight of this Saturday was the 1.50m Winning Round, a night class over two rounds. The twelve best riders from the first round got to start again in the second, going in on a clean sheet. Among them, seven delivered a perfect round over the initial course, one had a time penalty, and four had dropped a fence - there were three Belgians riders, two French, two Italians, two Polish, two Swiss and an Austrian. Best was the latter: Stefan Eder and Dr Scarpo, clear in 35.31 seconds. This was Eder's second victory of the day, as he also won the 1.35/1.40m with Cobra 32.

“My horses jumped so great today, so it was really easy for me!" Eder laughed after. "The organization is really perfect here, so it is a real pleasure to win in this location. It is the third time I come to Morocco for the circuit, but the two times before were a few years ago. I am really glad to be back!

Dr Scarpo is actually a really difficult horse, he was quite a spooky horse when he was younger. He needs to work a lot. He was really shy and worried about everything, but now he has grown up and he is becoming better and better. I am so proud of my horse, and of the fact that he jumped so great today, he really has a lot of quality,” Eder said. 

Eder finished ahead of Swiss rider Alain Jufer on Casall, who stopped the clock at 35.51 seconds. Italian rider Roberto Tuchetto and Adare finished third in 36.71 seconds.