Interview with Abdelkebir Ouaddar about the RMT and his Olympic experience

Interview with Abdelkebir Ouaddar about the RMT and his Olympic experience

While he left the arena at the first week of the Morocco Royal Tour in Tétouan, our team of Equnews France met with Morocco's top show jumping rider, Abdelkebir Ouaddar. The first Olympic rider representing Morocco took some time to sit with us and have a nice chat.

Equnews : Can you reveal us your Olympic Experience?

A.O : For me competing at the Olympics, representing my national colours was one of the most exceptional things I ever did. Representing Morocco at an international event like this, is in short 'amazing'. The Olympics are very different of any other Championships. In Rio I learned so much, I developed personally and this thanks to the gratitude of my country, letting me compete. For Quickly and me this was the only event missing in the string of top events and championships.

[caption id="attachment_79327" align="alignnone" width="900"]Avec Cher V, le marocain construit l'avenir pour épauler sa star Quickly With Cher V[/caption]

You were the only rider representing Morocco, didn't you miss a team?

Absolutely, when in a team you support each other, you allow each other to perform better. Starting as a single in an event like the Olympics is more difficult. You can't make any mistakes, as the all chances for your country rely on you.

Did you experience your return to Morocco or France made you sort of a local hero?

For the people who know the sport, nothing changes. We all returned happy, let's be honest "we can't win every weekend (smiles)". I think my image didn't change. The equestrian sport is a sport where chance and luck play a big part. It's better to stay humble and stay yourself.

[caption id="attachment_79325" align="alignnone" width="900"]"Kébir", véritable star au Maroc "Kébir", véritable star au Maroc[/caption]

What brings the agenda for your top horse, Quickly?

Quickly is here with me in Tétouan. However he just looks his stable friends jumping from his box and field. I will start Quickly this week at the second week of the RMT in Rabat.  However I won't compete him every day. In two weeks Quickly needs to jump at the CSI5* world cup qualifier in Lyon, France. After Quickly will be able to enjoy a long holiday.

Can you tell us more about the RMT (Royal Morocco Tour)? 

The RMT offers a lot, it is the seventh edition now and every year it becomes better. It is amazing the RMT has grown into an event that even has to deny riders at the start, because the RMT is fully booked. This says it all, the RMT is an event that has developed to the top.
The mouth-to-mouth advertisement has even attracted top riders such as Jérome Guery, Pius Schwizer, Philippe Rozier and many others. It is satisfying all riders are happy and comfortable at this event. It's a sign the efforts of my country are appreciated. I think it is unique that his RH Mohammed VI and his cousin, Moulay Abdellah Alaoui who make this possible for the equestrian sports.

[caption id="attachment_79326" align="alignnone" width="900"]Abdelkebir & Saphir du Talus, son autre monture qui épaule Quickly de Kreisker Abdelkebir & Saphir du Talus, son autre monture qui épaule Quickly de Kreisker[/caption]