Daniel Bluman: "I'm not surprised Daniel beat me"

Daniel Bluman: "I'm not surprised Daniel beat me"

Yesterday the Grand Prix of the CSI5* competition was jumped in Wellington. It was very exciting: Daniel Deusser was the last rider to go into the ring and managed to snatch victory from Daniel Bluman, who had been leading until the last moment.

"I think there are definitely some places where I could have been a bit faster but I was mainly realistic. I knew Daniel Deusser and Mc Lain Ward were coming after me and they would probably be faster. So I wanted to set a good time and put them under pressure," he explains. 

"I have to admit I'm not surprised Daniel beat me. It's always a shame for the other riders when he comes along because he's at a different level," he laughed. "You have to say it like it is: we all have to keep working to ride like him one day. I am very happy with my horse. She is only 10 years old and she has done her very best".

“This is the first year jumping the five-star level,” he said. “I always believed in her from the beginning to be a very, very special horse, so I honestly wasn’t surprised to see her perform the way she did. She has performed this whole season and every step that she has done since a young horse has been like this. We have been patient, and it has paid off.”

Source: Press Release

Picture: Sportfot