A conversation with Leonora Smee

A conversation with Leonora Smee
She's one of Great-Britain's top equestrians and models. Leonora Smee has been riding for over 15 years and proudly represents Great Britain. Amongst many talents, Leonora graduated with a Diploma in Musical Arts.

Who is Leonora Smee?

Leonora is a young and emerging talent in the media world who is also devoted to her horses with a passion for showjumping.

British Rider and fashion model, what came first?

Actually neither came first, I started riding and modeling at a young age and I have progressed both side by side. Ironically as the sport of showjumping is ever evolving and becoming increasingly more glamorous I find the two coming closer together.

Both Professions are on a global scale where are you based?

Where am I based? Good question! Ultimately I am British and home will always be in England however I spend the majority of my life traveling throughout Europe, America and the Middle East. When not competing the horses are currently based in Germany.

What is your favorite show of the year?

Can I have two?! My favorite show of the year would have to be the Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show in St Tropez, France. However, the Global Champions Tour in Monaco is a very close second. Monaco has always been a special place to me personally and having won the Grand Prix this year made it even more special.

The life of Leonora Smee – how’s your regular day looking like?

There is really no regular day in my life. I often wake up in a different country either with full hair and makeup ahead of a photo shoot or dressed in my riding kit ahead of a competition. Otherwise I am travelling from one destination to another training with my horses. When possible, although not often, I spend it at home relaxing with my incredible supportive family.

What will bring in the 2018 season?

We will have to wait and see. I have some very exciting prospects in the pipeline so it is all very exciting! Fingers crossed.

What are your goals next season?

Obviously there are many elements to my life and each of those areas requires goals in order to progress. I will continue to develop my personal profile, grow existing partnerships and look to create new partnerships with selected brands.