Judy-Ann Melchior: "We impress with never seen foal collection..."

Judy-Ann Melchior: "We impress with never seen foal collection..."

Gancia de Muze, Cas de Liberté Z, Electra van ’t Roosakker, Centa de Muze, Sterrehof’s Ushi, Sancha LS, all have a foal this week in the traditional  Zangersheide’s Quality Auction!

"On Friday and Saturday during the FEI WBFSH Jumping World Breeding Championship for Young Horses, Studbook Zangersheide once again presents its Quality Auction," says Judy-Ann Melchior. "The Zangersheide Quality Auction is annually considered the highlight of the auction season and has achieved top prices in the past. For example, last year, the filly Emmerby vd Berghoeve Z was sold for an impressive €300,000!"

"One of the absolute auction highlights of this edition is undoubtedly number 37 Chagan Z, a son of Chacco Blue out of Gancia de Muze. Chagan Z is the very first son of the legendary Gancia de Muze ever to be auctioned. Gancia retired from sport last year after an exceptional career in which she, under Niels Bruynseels, won a total of 8 5* Grand Prix events and numerous other international competitions at the 5* level," Melchior continues.

"Also, for a second Grand Prix mare of Niels Bruynseels, it's the first time a foal is being auctioned. Cas de Liberté Z, who traveled the world alongside Gancia de Muze for years, now has a foal in the auction as well. Number 65, Kash de Liberté HK Z, is an incredible filly with Kashmir van 't Schuttershof as her sire!"

Showcasing interesting mare lines

"But it doesn't end there; equally exclusive are number 25 Bailando de Regor Z (Balou du Reventon) and its sister Eres Tu de Regor Z (Emerald). Centa de Muze is among the best mares in the world, and it's nearly impossible to purchase a foal, let alone a filly, from her. The fact that Zangersheide is offering 2 foals from these mares immediately reflects the unparalleled confidence it receives from its breeders."

"It's an auction that combines new blood with established values," Melchior adds. "For instance, the first son of Diablesse de Muze is also being auctioned. Number 20, Quito van het Hulst Z, is a son of Quidam de Revel out of Joe Clee's Diablesse de Muze, herself a daughter of Werly Chin de Muze and therefore a sister of Derly Chin de Muze and Kirschwasser SCF!"

"The breeding industry is changing rapidly, and breeders, riders, and enthusiasts are willing to invest heavily in direct filly offspring from Olympic and championship mares, and Zangersheide has worked strongly on that aspect in this collection. Number 5, Cara Electra DK Z, is a direct daughter of Electra van 't Roosakker; number 10, Dalmatia T40 Z, is a Dominator Z out of Daniel Bluman's Olympic Sancha LS. With number 2, Bella Ushi S Z, and number 79, Chacco's Ushi Z, Sterrehof's Ushi also has two filly foals in the auction!"

"However, it doesn't stop with these top horses; equally valuable are numbers 30 and 53, a full brother and sister of Mumbaï; numbers 34 and 72, a full brother and sister of All In; number 83, a brother of Emerald; number 35, a brother of Darry Lou; number 66, the full sister of Jeunesse; number 47, the full brother of Uricas; number 58, the full brother of Landon; and number 55, a brother of Utamaro d'Ecaussines Z!"

"86 foals will be auctioned on Friday, September 22, and Saturday, September 23, at Stoeterij Zangersheide. The complete collection can be found online at www.zangersheide.auction.

For those who don't want to wait to invest in a young foal, there is the Zangersheide Quality Auction for young horses on Thursday, September 21, where 13 young horses will be auctioned. Thirteen gems that free jump incredibly and are clinically and radiographically sound, all with a 'Z' in their name. A quality label for top sport!"