New WBFSH Global Champions Trophy and full house in Valkenswaard this year!

New WBFSH Global Champions Trophy and full house in Valkenswaard this year!

The countdown is officially on to the start of the Tops International Arena show jumping season with the full calendar and ticket sales released today.

For the first time, Tops International Arena will host the WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy. Jan Pedersen president of the WBFSH commented: "The WBFSH is very excited about this new initiative, in collaboration with Tops International and Tops Equestrian Events. It is a unique opportunity for our WBFSH studbooks to showcase themselves and their horses in a veritable studbook team competition that is one of a kind. Working with a partner that is such a prominent stakeholder in the industry elevates this event to a truly exclusive level. We look forward to the inaugural event at the end of September and encourage all our members not to miss the opportunity to participate."

► 07-08-09 JULY 2023 - CSI4*, CSI2*, CSI1* & CSIYH1*
► 14-15-16 JULY 2023 - CSI5*, CSI2*, CSI1* & CSIYH1*
► 28-29-30 JULY 2023 - CSI4*, CSI2*, CSI1*, CSIYH1*

► 04-05-06 AUGUST 2023 - Longines Global Future Champions & CSIU25-A + CSIY-A + CSIJ-A + CSICh-A + CSIP + CSI2*

► 18-19-20 AUGUST 2023 - Longines Global Champions Tour of Valkenswaard - CSI5* LGCT, CSI2*, CSI1* & CSIYH1*

► 28-29-30 SEPTEMBER - 01 OCTOBER - WBFSH Young Horses

Jan Tops, Tops International Arena and Longines Global Champions Tour Founder and President said: â€œWe are pleased to be announcing a full summer of show jumping at the Tops International Arena today. Our Summer Festival is set to be a buzzing few weeks of sport and a full entertainment program for all to enjoy.”

He went on to add: “This year we will see two 5* competitions taking place at Tops International Arena, plus the return of the popular Longines Global Future Champions where the future stars of tomorrow jump in the same arena as the top horse and riders in the world. We look forward to welcoming our local and wider community to experience all that is our great sport and entertainment with us at TIA.”