German riders on top in Elmshorn and Westergellersen

German riders on top in Elmshorn and Westergellersen

Yesterday, once again several classes were jumped all over Germany and in Elsmhorn and Westergellersen it were the German riders who ruled the show.


In the KI.L class, the victory went to Henrike Blohm and Carwitt (f. Cartani). This duo speeded through the course and finished in 59,66 seconds. Alma Celine Wilkens and Undra 6 (f. Careful) ended on second place after a clear round in 63,23 seconds. The Dutch rider Bart van der Maat completed the podium after a clear round in 64,76 seconds. This was enough for him and Giandujah DL (f. Casall) to take the bronze medal home.

In the KI.M* class, it was Lucia Voss who won. She rode Ngahiwi Para (f. Ngahiwi One Eye) the the finish line in 65,10 seconds, leaving the wood untouched. Emmy Pauline Kröger and DSP Danthes H (f. Dream Dancer xx) ended on second place. They cleared the course in 66,97 seconds. Henry Delfs and Centower D (f. Cellestial) completed the top three.

The victory in the KI.M** class went to Takashi Shibayama Haase. He and Casallantum (f. Casall) jumped a clear round in 59,55 seconds. Jans Meves (Captain Keep Cool R) and Henry Delfs (Cortheo D 2) completed the podium. They ended respectively on second and third place.


In Westergellersen, four classes were scheduled. The first class was a KI.A* class and was won by Rene Dittmer. The German rider rode to a total of 9 points with Bobcat Mad Jo (f. Balou du Rouet). Jennifer Fogh Pedersen ended on second place with the 4-year old Casall stallion Cavelito. Maike Bernstorf and Daily's Beauty PS (f. Diatendro) completed the podium on third place.

In the KI.L class, Anja Sabrina Heinsohn took the victory home. She rode Nintey Nine (f. Numero Uno) to the finish with a total of 8,80 poinyts. Horst Jun. Neben and Conterno-Blue PS (f. Conmiro) followed on second place. Jordi Sander and Ria MF (v. Cothargos) ended on third place.

In the KI.L class, Harm Ladhe was the winner. He jumped Oak Grove's Volunteer (f. Vivaldi du Seigneur) to the finish with a total of 9,00 points. Sarah Kleineberg and Stella Rose S (f. Stolzenberg) ended on second place. Tobias Clar and I"m Miss Possible V (f. I'm Special de Muze) ended on third place.

The last class of the day was the KI.M* class and was won by the Swedish lady rider Sofie Svensson. Svensson rode Cieran (f. Casall) to the finish line with a total of 9,30 points. Hergen Forkert and Cristo 16 (f. Casalico) ended on second place. Konstanze Wachholtz and Zuccero 7 (f. Zirocco Blue) ended third.