German riders on top in Gross-Viegeln

German riders on top in Gross-Viegeln

Yesterday another show was organized in Gross-Viegeln. Four classes were jumped and the German riders ruled the show.

In the Youngster-Springprüfung, it was Siegmar Stroehmer who took the victory home. He and the 8-year old Cermit 20 (f. Cassken II) cleared the course and finished in 61,47 seconds. Jordi Sander and Eritrea 3 (f. Casao) ended on second place after a clear round in 62,22 seconds. Michael Nagel and Cocowäh 3 (f. Catoo) jumped a clear round as well, finishing in 63,88 seconds, enough for a third place.

In the Youngster-Springprüfung KI.M**, Benjamin Wulschner took the first and the second place. With Levito 12 under the saddle, he speeded to the finish line in 60,71 seconds, with Comthago II Sr (f. Comme Il Faut), he finished in 60,92 seconds. Robert Bruhns and Granada P (f. Grey Top) ended on third position after a clear round in 63,55 seconds.

Ann-Kathrin Koch and Ciarada 2 (f. Diarado) won the KI.M* class. They were the fastest combination in this class that was ridden against the clock. They finished in 61,14 seconds. Ezequiel Andres Ferro Menendez and Feyah Rinconada, a 10-year old, ended on second place. They jumped a clear round in 63,44 seconds. Tim Markus and Carlotta 262 (v. Hermes D'Authieux AA) completed the top three. They left the wood untouched and finish in 63,55 seconds.

The last class of the day was the KI.M** class and once again it was Benjamin Wulschner who took the victory home. He rode Fabiela BH (f. Emilion) the the finish in 61,58 second. Robert Bruhns and Cleonia (v. Conthargos) ended on second place after a clear round in 62,24 seconds. Henry Delfs and D Consuela (f. Contact Me) completed the podium. They cleared the course in 62,78 seconds.