German riders rule the show at Corona competitions

German riders rule the show at Corona competitions

In Gross-Viegeln and Goch a busy jumping weekends are still happening. Yesterday, once again several classes were organized.


In the KI.A* class, it was Jessica Magens who took the victory home with Cascalino 6 (f. Cascadello I). They got a total of 8,20 behind their names. Elisabeth Jürgens and Cavinea (f. Clondyke) followed on second place. Loreen Schrieter and the 5-year old Cerousi stallion Cingsley 5 followed on third place.

Felix Ewald and Zalando Royal (f. Zinedine) were the winners of the KI.A** class. Meike Jalas and tge 6-year old Grandessa S 5 (f. Crunch) followed on second place. They shared the second place with Danny Schröder and Cornaro 4 (f. Cornet Obolenksy). 

In the KI.L class Jesse Luther was crowned as the winner. He rode Check Me 4 to the victory. Richard Robinson and Crack FW (f. Cascadello O) and Martin Schutza (Cyrill D) completed the podium.

Leoni Retzlaff won the last class of the day in the saddle of Caracho 23 (f. Cascadello I). Richard Robinson and Crack FW (f. Cascadello I) ended on second place. Jessica Magens and Clooney 134 (f. Camarque) followed on third place.


In Goch, three classes were scheduled yesterday. The first class was a KI.L class and was won by the German rider Peter Duitz. He rode Casanova O 3 (f. Casario II) tot the finish in a time of 52,65 seconds. Lisa Marie Janssen and Nashville B (f. Nibelungenheld) follow on second place after a clear round in 53,75 seconds. Jens Kessel and Cristella S (f. Cristallo II) completed the podium.

Steffen Bröckmann and Diddy B (f. Diarado) won the KI.M* class. They cleared the course in 62,46 seconds. Katharina von Essen and Andrea McCartney followed on second and third place. They saddled respectively Calina 116 (f. Chippendale Z) and RMF Fairvierw for the job. 

Justus Sternschulte won the last class of the day. He speeded to the finish in the saddle of Chaccorella SF (f. Chacco-Blue). Their time of 64,40 seconds was unbeatable for the other contestants. Holger Hetzel and Chacco-Mo (f. Chacco-Blue) ended on second place. Judith Emmers completed the podium on third place.