Laura Kraut: "I don't quit..."

Laura Kraut: "I don't quit..."

When Laura Kraut sets out to do something, you can count on it getting done... “I'm not one to give up easily. Whether it is in competition or training a horse or training students or you know trying to achieve any goal I set out for myself. It would be under extreme circumstances that I would give up,” said Laura Kraut.

So it’s probably easy to see how this tenacity translated into Olympic Gold medal wins, a silver medal at the FEI World Equestrian Games™, FEI Nations Cup™ victories and countless top Grand Prix finishes. As a first in this series of interviews with exceptional equestrians, we were fortunate to sit down with Laura Kraut and get to know the United States show jumper out of the tack; how her passion for riding has impacted her life as a mother, partner, and world change-maker.

“Growing up there was no such thing as not getting something done,” answered Laura when asked about what drives her success. “Whether it was school or riding, or even cleaning the house - if we had something to do, we did it and that was just that,” she added.

That passion and persistence was instilled early in the lives of Laura and Mary Elizabeth Kent. And today, the sisters continue to work together successfully because of those qualities.

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