Looking back on 2020: the most read articles of last year

Looking back on 2020: the most read articles of last year

Despite the fact that 2020 was a very difficult year for everyone, you all kept reading our articles and we are very grateful for that! But which articles do you read the most? We dived into our statistics!

1. Italian study on COVID

It is no surprise that COVID-19 dominated the whole year. The article that was most read on our websites was therefore not surprisingly an article about the virus. More specifically about an Italian study that showed that the risk of spreading Covid while riding is virtually non-existent. This article appeared on our .com website

2. Recreational horseback riding and Corona

The Corona rules were not always clear. The federations often had to work with not too clear measures. In Belgium, recreational horseback riding was even banned during the first lockdown, which caused great indignation. The article in which this was announced is the second most read article of 2020.

3. Totilas

The death of Totilas went through the horse world like a shock wave. All the Corona news disappeared into the background for a moment and current events seemed to be about only one thing: the phenomenal black stallion. He had his greatest successes under the saddle of the Dutchman Edward Gal, who was left with a broken heart after his death.

4. Hacking no longer allowed

Belgium wouldn't be Belgium if another strange Corona measure didn't reach our overview. When walking with a horse was forbidden, nobody understood what wood arrows make. The article in which this was announced is therefore in our top five.

5. Hacking no longer allowed, part 2

The banning of walking came up against a wall of protest, as was also shown in the petition that was launched the following day. The article about this petition is the last article that made our top five of 2021.