Ludger Beerbaum accused of mistreating his horses

Ludger Beerbaum accused of mistreating his horses

German broadcaster RTL sent videos into the world showing Ludger Beerbaum poling his horses during training. RTL itself collaborated with investigative journalist Günter Wallraff for this report.

Together they worked for two years on an investigation into unauthorized training methods in equestrian sports and violations of animal protection laws.

At 22:35 the footage will be broadcast. Beerbaum, who is currently in Wellington, Florida, has announced he will reply with an official statement at a later moment. Also the German Federation (FN) hasn't replied yet, after the program was aired.

RTL showed the footage of Beerbaum (without stating the name of the ride) in February last year (2021) tot he FN, asking for a reaction. However the federation refused to make a statement.

Source: RTL