Ludger Beerbaum back to compete in the red jacket

Ludger Beerbaum back to compete in the red jacket

After his decision to stop competing big championships, some years ago, Germany's living legend, Ludger Beerbaum will again wear the red jacket this week. Beerbaum will represent his country at the Hickstead Nations Cup.

In a reaction Germany's teamchef states; "I'm looking forward to it..." Soon Beerbaum celebrates his 59th birthday. Some years ago he stated not to want to ride any horses anymore when being 60, this quote is now questioned.

After six years Beerbaum is ready to wear the red jacket again, representing Germany at the Nations Cup in Hickstead. He will compete together with Philipp Weishaupt, Marcus Ehning, Tobias Meyer and Sven Schlüsselburg.

"Shortly before the WEG kick-off in Herning most selected riders want to focus on the World Equestrian Games," reacts Beerbaum. "I was available and am happy to be able to represent my country again."

source: Equnews/Spring Reiter