New LGCT and GCL Partnership Confirmed

New LGCT and GCL Partnership Confirmed

McCourt Global and Tennor Group today announced that the parties have reached an amicable outcome regarding the purchase of McCourt’s stake in Longines Global Champions Tour and GCL by Lars Windhorst.

Jan Tops, Founder and President of the LGCT and Co-founder of GCL along with Frank McCourt, said: “I am happy to confirm agreement has been reached for our new partnership. Our business is in good shape and strong as it has always been, pandemic notwithstanding, and all team owners and other key stakeholders are fully committed. We will continue to build on our innovation roadmap and the global success of our circuit. We will go forwards not backwards.”

Lars Windhorst, Founder and Chairman of Tennor Group, said: “I am delighted to have agreed the new partnership with Jan and I look forward to working together to develop exciting opportunities for this fantastic global sports property.”

Speaking of the 2020 LGCT and GCL season and the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected sport globally, Jan Tops said: “We all recognise this will be a period of constant adjustment and adaptation and we will decide very soon if it is possible to safely organise some events this year taking into account the rules of national Governments or whether we will start fresh next year. We are looking forward to a positive outcome."

Picture: Stefano Grasso