Oetelaar, van der Vleuten and Milstein join forces

Oetelaar, van der Vleuten and Milstein join forces

Kees Oetelaar, Eric van der Vleuten and Tal Milstein are going to work together. They announced this themselves. Oetelaar and van der Vleuten will become co-owners of Kentucky TMS (by Kannan), of which Milstein used to be the sole owner.

Oetelaar says he is already very excited: "I was a judge during the stallion competition and I immediately saw what exceptional qualities Kentucky has. When I looked up the dam line, I became even more enthusiastic. I know how well the dam jumps and from then on there was only one thing on my mind: getting Kentucky in my stables," he laughs. "In Opglabbeek, during that same stallion competition, Eric (Van der Vleuten) came to me and told me that this was really the horse he was looking for. He was, like me, immediately convinced that the horse would fit well in our system. It is a beautiful stallion from a super dam line. One problem: anyone who knows Tal a little knows that he doesn't sell a horse like Kentucky without a fight," he jokes.

Van der Vleuten confirms: “I called Tal right after the stallion show but, as I expected, he said he wouldn't sell one of his best horses just like that. I couldn't get the horse out of my head. However, luck was on my side this time: one week later Tal called me and told me he had thought about it. He stuck to his position that he didn't want to sell the horse completely because he believed in it too much himself. He was, however, open to working with me. I then went to try him and I immediately felt what I had seen during the stallion competition: a horse with top qualities, very light-footed, super careful, a top mentality and a big heart. In my opinion all the qualities a sport horse should have. I loved him immediately. Tal also gives me the opportunity to show the stallion myself and of course I will grab that chance with both hands!"

Tal Milstein himself tells a bit more about 'his' Kentucky: "I bred Kentucky myself which of course makes him extra special for me. He is a son of Kannan, with whom I was breeding very much at the time. I think Kannan passes on his exceptional mentality very well and that's not different with Kentucky. His mother is a Toulon mare, she shows a brilliant jump and has a real winner's mentality. She was sold to the USA at the time but I had her brought back to Belgium as part of my breeding program. I never intended to sell him but I think Eric is actually the perfect rider for him. After his 'test ride' I think I was even more excited than Kees and Eric," he laughs. "I immediately saw the possibilities for Kentucky as a breeding stallion in Holland and I am convinced that Eric is the perfect partner to realize that. This cooperation is something new for me but I am very proud to work with two real horse men", he concludes.

Source: Equnews