Swedish European Championship-rider accused of abusing horses!

Swedish European Championship-rider accused of abusing horses!

Several former grooms have accused the Swedish show jumper, Douglas Lindelöw, of animal abuse. This news was revealed by the Swedish magazine Sportbladet. Although the rider's name is not mentioned, several sources confirm that it does indeed refer to the silver European Championship medalist from 2017. Meanwhile, the Swedish federation has temporarily suspended the rider until the investigation is concluded.

Five grooms have compiled a dossier against the rider, including photos and videos as (supposed) evidence. These would indicate that the show jumper struggles to control his frustrations and anger, often taking it out on the horses. Lindelöw is said to further punish the horses heavily if the results were subpar.

It's reported that Lindelöw once threw a hammer at the back of a horse because it wouldn't stand still. "Fortunately, the horse did not sustain serious injuries, but this is unheard of," said groom Anna.

No violation of legislation!

In an interview with Sportbladet, Lindelöw stated that he has not violated Swedish animal welfare legislation at any point. "In recent years, no authority has received complaints about alleged punishment of horses. Furthermore, my horses are extremely well cared for and receive more than enough food."

Meanwhile, the Swedish federation has suspended the rider - not named - "The Swedish federation has filed a complaint against this individual and banned him from participating in international and national competitions. Our sport revolves around the horse, and love for horses is what matters! Any actions contrary to that idea must be punished."

Source: Ridsport-Se / Grand Prix Replay