Daniel Dasslers Con Spirit from now on DSP Con Spirit

Daniel Dasslers Con Spirit from now on DSP Con Spirit

The show jumper Daniel Dassler from Buchenberg can be pleased about another award for his elite stallion and master stallion Con Spirit. For outstanding performances in international show jumping up to 5*, his gray stallion, which is known beyond the borders of Germany, now receives the name suffix DSP.

Only horses with a special performance of their own are included by the state associations in the ranks of German Sport Horses and are allowed to adorn themselves with the name prefix DSP. In addition to Con Spirit's son, DSP Cuba Libre, who is also highly successful in show jumping, Simone Blum's World Champion mare DSP Alice also bears this honorable title.

After being honored as Master Stallion 2019, this is now another great award not only for DSP Con Spirit's rider and owner, but also for the EU breeding station belonging to the Buchenhof Estate. Here, the exceptional athlete DSP Con Spirit, who is also in demand among internationally renowned breeders, will be available to all interested breeders as a top sire in the coming breeding season.

Source: Press Release 

Picture: Stefan Lafrenz