Elite Dressage Stallion Herzensdieb Featured in Presentation at Verden, Germany

Elite Dressage Stallion Herzensdieb Featured in Presentation at Verden, Germany
In front of a sold-out crowd at the Niedersachsen Stadium, the impressive stallion Herzensdieb wowed the discerning audience with a dressage presentation showcasing the stallion’s impressive abilities and traits inherited through his impeccable breeding pedigree.

Petra Wilm, the president of the German Trakehner Horse Breeding Association, provided commentary to the audience during the event and emphasized Trakehners’ rideability, versatility and competitive ability. She said that Herzensdieb’s descendants feature these desirable qualities, making them excellent modern Warmblood horses.

The powerful and magnificent Herzensdieb, son of Tambour and Herzensfeude, was presented alongside several of his spectacular female offspring, Helmi, Harriet and Hispaniola.

Helmi (Herzensdieb/SPS Lady Lou/Lauries Crusador) is a three-year old State’s Premium Candidate with great presence and high quality dressage movement.  Helmi was presented at the prestigious Herwart von der Decken mare show in Verden prior to her presentation as part of Herzensdieb’s offspring. Owners Louise and Doug Leatherdale were ecstatic about the mare’s performance.

“She has simply wonderful basic gaits and an extraordinary presence. It’s as if she gets ridden every day in front of several thousand spectators,” Doug Leatherdale said after watching Helmi perform. “The Herzensdieb children really steal your heart away- as his name, ‘Heart Thief,’ implies.”

The 5-year-old Harriet, another Herzensdieb-Lauries Crusador XX mare, wowed the audience with her rhythmic gaits and commanding features.

“She’s always willing to work, spirited, uphill and in-time to the beat,” said trainer Johann Hinneman of the exemplary mare.

Another of Herzensdieb’s impressive daughters, Hispaniola (Herzensdieb-White Star) has shown great success in dressage horse trials and displays great promise.

Each of Herzensdieb’s offspring reflects the stallion’s impeccable breeding. In the last year, the German Trakehner Horse Breeding Association named Herzensdieb an Elite Stallion of the Trakehner Breed. The stallion’s breeding and rideability make him an excellent choice for refining warmblood lines.

Herzensdieb’s presentation meant a lot to the proud owners Doug and Louise Leatherdale. “We have always believed in this stallion and are proud that our Herzensdieb has become such an important part of German dressage breeding.”