Host nation Denmark wins Nations Cup at Uggerhalne

Host nation Denmark wins Nations Cup at Uggerhalne

Not only in La Baule but also in Uggerhalne in Denmark a Nations Cup was jumped today. In La Baule it was exciting but in Uggerhalne the Nations Cup became a real thriller. A jump-off had to decide about the winner. In that jump-off Denmark, Belgium and the British were still at the start.  All these teams had eight penalty points behind their name after the two rounds. 

In the jump-off, it was the Danish team that rode to victory. They sent Zascha Nygaard Andreasen into the ring as the jump-off candidate and he and Quinn (by Quidam de Revel) jumped a clear round in 37.56 seconds. 

The Belgians finished in second place. For them, Thibeau Spits entered the jump-off. He could also keep the zero with Classic Touch DH (by Casall) and finished in 38.84 seconds. He had already jumped a clear first round. Emilie Conter got with Balento CSO (by Balou du Rouet) one jumping fault in the second round. In the second round everything did not go quite as planned. Arnaud Doem became the Belgian star. He had two clear rounds behind his name on Edgard de Prefontaine (by Contact vd Heffinck). Constant van Paesschen and Isidoor vd Helle had one fault in the second round, but managed to stay clear in the first.

Great Britain followed in third place.

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