CSI Tetouan: Alain Juffer on top

CSI Tetouan: Alain Juffer on top
In the Moroccan Tétouan, they're still jumping on a 3-star level. Yesterday afternoon, several 3-star classes were scheduled.

The first class was 1,30 m class against the clock. The victory in this class went to Alix Ragot and Vintage D'Authuit (Quidam de Revel). Alix and Vintage cleared the course in 58,37 seconds. Second place was for the Colombian Santiago Diaz Ortega. He took Tizmin LS (Dollar de la Pierre) out of his stable. This combination finished in 59,55 seconds. The top three was completed by Abdeslam Bennani Smires and New Man Rouge (Papillon Rouge). They left the wood untouched and finished in 59,87 seconds.

Fourth place went to Majid Djaidi (Wonder Woman). Sander Geernik finished on fifth place with Colandro 4.

The second class that was scheduled, was a 1,35 class. This class was a competition with two phases. Marion Hughes and Laith speeded to victory. They rode a clear second phase is 19,98 seconds. The class was very exciting since the difference between the first time and the second time was very small. Titouan Schumacher and Oceane De Nantuel (Diamant de Semilly) rode a very fast time as well, but eventually they ended on second place with 20,11 seconds. The top three was completed by Pius Schwizer. He saddled Lester IX and rode a clear second round in 20,49 seconds.

Michael Pender (Scheik It) and Philippe Rozier (Balou's Erbe) finished on fourth en fifth place.

The lain class of the evening was a 1,45m class with jump-off. The fastest combination was Alain Juffer. He rode Radja d'Artemis in 34,31 seconds to victory. Second place was for Ibrahim Bisharat and Bowie Z. The Belgian Jérôme Guery rode Garfield de Tiji Des Templiers to third place in 35,88 seconds.

Juan Carlos Garcia (Il Rubacuori) and Ramzy Harrad Al Duhami (High Quality Z) completed the top five.

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