Eros, Olympic Silver Medal-Winning Show Jumper, Dies At Age 33

The now 33 year old Eros, the former Olympic horse who formed a partnership with Anne Kursinski. has passed away. On june 13 the silver medallist from the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games he passed away after suffering a bout of collic.

Kursinski and Eros were part of the USA team. Their earliest win was at the 1994 American Gold Cup in Pennsylvania. In '98 the combination celebrated victory in the $450.000 Pulsar Crown Grand Prix in Mexico. At the time this was the richest Grand Prix. Kursinski was not only the first American to claim the title, but also the first woman who won the competition.

Eros retired in 2007 in a formal ceremony at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida and remained at Kursinski’s Market Street facility in Frenchtown, New Jersey, for the rest of his life.