Morocco Royal Tour attracts top of the world

Morocco Royal Tour attracts top of the world

The Morocco Royal Tour, this year upgraded to a 4* competition, has never been better attended. Year after year, the selection keeps getting better and for this edition, it is simply exceptional! With Olympic riders, medallists from all kinds of championships, including former world n°1s – seventeen nations will be represented on this circuit: A record.

The first former world no.1 who will attend the MRT will be the bronze medalist from the European Championships 2015, one of the top riders of the circuit: Simon Delestre, who has confirmed his participation at the three legs of the Morocco Royal Tour. The French team will be particularly competitive this year. Philippe Rozier as well as Olivier Guillon, who was quoted as “impatient to discover this prestigious Moroccan circuit,", will compete alongside the Hermès rider,

Another great name at the MRT this year is Germany’s Marco Kutscher, European Champion in 2005 and team gold medalist at the European Championships in 2005 and 2011. It is the first time German riders participate at the Morocco Royal Tour. 

Besides France, Italy will also present a first-choice team in order to take over Switzerland – last year’s winner of this Nations Cup. Experienced rider Natale Chiaudani will be next to Emmanuele Gaudiano for Italy. 

Another Olympic rider on the MRT list is Jérôme Guery for Belgium, as well as Great Britain with the experienced rider Robert Smith. 

The Swiss team will again be built around one of the most loyal riders of the MRT, another former world no.1: Pius Schwizer, also an Olympic medalist and European Team Champion. 

Some serious challenges come from the Moroccan team: Abdelkebir Ouaddar, five-star Grand Prix winner, and the young Samy Colman, will both be in action.