Morocco Royal Tour: Jérome Query takes the win in Longines Ranking class

Morocco Royal Tour: Jérome Query takes the win in Longines Ranking class
The last weekend of the Morocco Royal Tour takes place in El Jadida. The big class of today was the CSI3* 1.45m Longines Ranking class. Earlier today there was also a 1.35m class.

It was Belgium's Olympic rider Jérôme Guery who won the 1.45m two phases. With Garfield de Tiji des Templiers (s. Quasimodo Z) he stayed clear in a time of 36.38 seconds. French rider Philippe Rozier ended in second place with the 12 year old Quel Chanu (s. Flipper D'Elle). They also stayed clear in 36.94 seconds. Belgian rider Gaetan Decroix came in third with Quel Homme de Hus (s. Quidam de Revel). They had zero penalties in 42.52 seconds.

The top five was completed by Abdullah Alsharbatly with Red Star D'Argent (s. Quick Star) and Patrik Spits with Verdi vd Withoeve Z (s. Vigaro Z). They both had one down in respectively 35.47 seconds and 37.64 seconds.

If Abdullah Alsharbatly was clear, he would have won the two classes today. He managed to win the 1.35m class against the clock. With AD Argos (s. Padinus) he stayed clear in 48.58 seconds. In second place we saw Irish rider Marion Hughes and the Irish Sporthorse Heritage HHS Fortuna (s. Heritage Fortunus). They stayed clear in 49.50 seconds. The third place was for Luca Marziani and Qing D'Amour (s. Dollar de la Pierre). They had zero penalties in 50.21 seconds.

Richard Howley (Calmond) and Lara Whiteway (VDL Groep Alitta) completed the top five.

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