SFN buys new horse for Jeroen Dubbeldam

SFN buys new horse for Jeroen Dubbeldam

The Dutch SFN II (Showjumping fonds of the Netherlands) had bought the nine year old FFW88 for one of the Netherlands top riders Jeroen Dubbeldam. FFW88, meaning wait a moment, by Azteca VDL, used to be ridden by Dutch rider Rob Heijligers. The SFN II has now bought the horse for 75% from co-owner Mirjam Bierings ensuring him for Dubbeldam. Tje horse was bred on Dutch soil by Mrs Led van Breukelen. 

"It's been quiet for a while round the SFN. However behind closed doors we worked hard on finding new horses for our Dutch riders. We keep searching for young and talented horses. With the retirements and sale of Utascha SFN, Aquila SFN and Zenith SFN we needed new horses for the sport. Horses with more expierence are expensive so we keep a eye out for the younger horses," tells Henk Rottinghuis from the SFN. 

The horse's name will be changed to Forever SFN. It's expected with a rider like Jeroen Dubbeldam that the horse will compete all over the world and Forever SFN is a lot easier to pronounce.

Source: SFN

Photo: Claus Close Up