Team Belgium wins Nations Cup Roeser

Team Belgium wins Nations Cup Roeser
It was predicted that it would be a hard battle between Begium and Great-Britain during the Nations Cup Divisie II in Roeser.

The Belgians started first with Nicola Philippaerts and H&M Harley vd Bisschop (v. Coronado). On the slippery garden arena the combination scored 2 faults.  In the second round this combination finished with a clear round.

Catherine Van Roosbroeck and her trusted Cicero son, Gautcho Da Quinta stayed clear in the first and te second round. Afterwards van Roosbroeck confirmed that Gautcho felt very well. "This proves that we can become a solid value for the team," explains Van Roosbroeck.

Dominique Hendrickx impressed with also a clear first round. In the saddle of the 10-years old Bacardi Les Hauts (v.Rexar du Houssoit) he recorded a communication failure in the second round.  "After number 10, it was just too much for my horse, so i woke him up a little bit , but he protested, so we got too close to the next obstacle.

Despite this mistake Belgium won the Nations Cup. Wilm Vermeir decided not to start the second round. With the Toulon son, Iq Vd Steentje, Vermeir scored a clear first roud.

The home team, Luxembourg followed on the second place for the UAE.