Marlon Modolo Zanotelli wins thriller jump-off at World Cup Bordeaux

Marlon Modolo Zanotelli wins thriller jump-off at World Cup Bordeaux

What. A. Thriller. The jump-off of the World Cup Bordeaux had us on the edge of our seat until the very last rider went over the finish line. It looked like Edouard Schmitz secured the win but then Marlon Modolo Zanotelli still had to come in. The Brazilian kicked the Swiss out of his throne and took home the win on VDL Edgar M

Edouard Schmitz came eighth to start the jump-off, with at that time Scott Brash leading with 37.09 on the clock for BWP's Hello Jefferson (by Cooper van de Heffinck). Schmitz came determined into the arena on Quno (v. Quo Vados I), taking the inside bend in the line to the last obstacle, which clearly brought him success as the Swiss rode almost a second and a half off Brash's time and took over the leader's position. 

After Schmitz, no one could go clear for a while but then Jur Vrieling entered the scene on Long John Silver 3 (by Lasino). The duo clearly rode with the goal of making no mistakes and in doing so was not the fastest but finished with zero penalties in 46.64. 

The world number one was greeted by the public applauding loudly, for him and the legendary King Edward (by Edward). With short turns and fast lines, they chased Schmitz's time, but the Swede opted for the long line towards the last jump which, despite the great speed, prevented them from getting under the time to be beaten and provisionally came second. 

Home amazon Penelope Leprevost also didn't rush behind the jumps and went for a clear round on Bingo del Tondou (by Vigo d Arsouilles). They were able to finish in 44.01 and came in at seven for the time being. 

Harry Charles came to the start of this jump-off as the youngest competitor in the saddle of the already more experienced Balou du Reventon (by Cornet Obolensky). Together they went all out and, like von Eckermann, opted for the outside bend to the final jump, putting them in provisional third place with their time of 36.78 after a strong round of the jump-off. 

Two more riders were expected in the arena. Eduardo Alvarez Aznar was the penultimate combination with Bentley de Sury (by Sunday de Riverland). They got off to a strong start but the 12-year-old gelding tapped out a bar on the first jump of the double, which shattered their chances on a place in the top ten. 

After that, all eyes were on Marlon Modolo Zanotelli. Could the Brazilian still snatch the win from VDL Edgar M (by Arezzo VDL)? In the split time they were only a few hundredths behind Schmitz's time on which the duo also took the short turn towards the final jump. It remained exciting until the last moment but.... YIHAA! Marlon Modolo Zanotelli won the class on VDL Edgar M!  Schmitz had to cede the win to Modolo Zanotelli at the very last minute while World Leader von Eckermann was good for bronze.  

"I had to luck to go in as last. In a Jump-Off like this, it is a real advantage," Zanotelli says after his victory. "Still, even when I have gone earlier, I would have had the same plan. I discussed my plan with my wife (Angelica Augustsson, ed.) and sticked to it. Edgar has experience and I could count on him to work out the strides and lines I planned."


  1. Marlon Modolo Zanotelli - VDL Edgar M (by Arezzo VDL)
  2. Edouard Schmitz - Quno (by Quo Vados I)
  3. Henrik von Eckermann - King Edward (by Edward)
  4. Harry Charles - Balou du Reventon (by Cornet Obolensky)
  5. Scott Brash - Hello Jefferson (by Cooper van de Heffinck)

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