UK takes first place in Nations Cup Sunshine Tour

UK takes first place in Nations Cup Sunshine Tour

Today the Sunshine Tour Nations Cup was on the program in Spain.

The win was for England. They proved to be the strongest country with only 2 penalty points for exceeding the time. Karl Robins was the only one who managed to stay clear with Equine America G Camille HBF.  Alex Thompson with Cathalina S had to register one time penalty just like Matthew Sampson. Joseph Clayton and Gentlemen VH Veldhof put down the scrap result. 

With a total score of 4 penalty points, Brazil ended up in second place. Felipe Amaral with Androide 3K was the only one who could stay clear. Karina Johannpeter scored 2 penalty points for time with Escape-adventure. Matheus Correa had the same result with Zeus Z. 

On three we find Switzerland with a total score of 9 penalty points. Edouard Schmitz with Quno provided the clear rounds for the team. Barbara Schnieper and Quick Fire noted a total of 5 penalty points. Next, 4 penalty points were recorded for Alain Jufer and Dante MM. This brought the team to a total of 9 penalty points and thus a third place in this Nations Cup. 

Sweden is also in the same third place with a total score of 9 penalty points. Wilma Helström and Cicci Bjn secured the Swedish team as the only one with 0 penalty points. Pettersson Häggström had to record 1 point of time violation with his Chaccatara. Linda Heed and Laurien van Orshof wrote 8 points in total behind their name. 

On five we find the hosts of the competition, Spain. They recorded a total final score of 13 penalty points behind their country. In sixth place we find Ireland with 14 penalty points. The seventh place was good for Australia with a score of 17 penalty points and the top eight was completed by Italy who had to note 27 penalty points.