Marcus Ehning stood on top for a long time with Funky Fred (by For Pleasure). Their time of 62.09 seemed incorrigible after each following combination failed to do it faster and stay clear. But that was beyond Conor Swail!

As one of the last combinations at the start, he jumped a fantastic round on Count Me In (by Count Grannus). The 15-year-old and thereby experienced gelding knew what to do and kept it clear in 60.73, taking over the lead position. With only a few combinations to go, they saw no one doing better. The top three was complete with Elian Baumann on three with Little Lumpi E (by Lordanos) who had 64,46 on the clock. 

Out of the 60 competing combinations, only 16 of them didn't touch a pole. One of them was Ben Maher who was only a few hundredths short for taking a place in the top three. Together with Dallas Vegas Batilly (v. Cap Kennedy) the Brit had to settle for four. Jana Wargers followed on five with Dorette (v. Dollar du Murier).