Rolex sets up to unite six of the world's most prestigious equestrian shows in new 'Rolex Series'

Rolex sets up to unite six of the world's most prestigious equestrian shows in new 'Rolex Series'

Rolex, also known for the Rolex Grand Slam, proudly introduces the Rolex Series, a new range of events setting a new standard in the equestrian world. The prestigious competitions, including CSIO Roma Piazza di Siena, CSIO Jumping International of La Baule, Jumping International of Dinard, Dublin Horse Show, Brussels Stephex Masters, and Winter Equestrian Festival, are partnering with Rolex to launch this series.

Photo: Frederic Tarder, Marco di Paola, Diego Nepi, Pierre de Brissac, Steve Guerdat, Laurent Delanney, Conny Mütze, Stephan Conter, Michael Stone, Pat Hanly. ©Rolex - Thomas Lovelock 

The Rolex Series marks the beginning of a new era of excellence and innovation in the equestrian world. These events bring together the elite of the equestrian sport and provide a platform where the world's most talented riders compete for the highest honors. The competition is intense, and victory in the Grand Prix of each event in the Rolex Series is a highly coveted prize. At each Grand Prix of these six Rolex Series events, the world's best riders will compete to reach the top step of the podium.

Ben Maher: "A unique opportunity to compete at the highest level"

Ben Maher, the British international rider who will be present in Rome and winner of the last edition of the Brussels Stephex Masters, shares his insights on the impact of the Rolex Series: "Participating in the Rolex Series is a huge honor. These prestigious competitions offer a unique opportunity to compete at the highest level, and the spirit of competition and excellence they embody drives every rider to give their very best."

Steve Guerdat: "The prestige and desire to win is only going to increase"

Rolex Testimonee Steve Guerdat, who attended the launch, stated: “The six shows that are part of the Rolex Series are some of the best shows in the world and the ones that we all, as riders, mark in our schedule every year. They are some of the most prestigious and historically significant competitions on our calendar, and by bringing this amazing group of shows together as part of the Rolex Series, the prestige and desire to win is only going to increase.”

Iconic Locations 

The Rolex Series events will take place at some of the most iconic locations in the equestrian world, spread over various dates in 2024.

CSIO Roma Piazza di Siena / May 23 - 26

The CSIO Roma Piazza di Siena kicks off this first edition. It takes place in the gardens of Rome's Villa Borghese, recognized as one of the most beautiful venues in the world of sport. The competition has a rich history dating back over a century. The event combines elegance and style, attracting high-performance rider-horse pairs from all over the world to the Italian capital from May 23 to 26.

La Baule / June 7 - 9

In June, attention turns to the CSIO Jumping International of La Baule, which for over 60 years has welcomed the world's top competitors to the picturesque shores of the Atlantic Ocean in western France. This year, the Rolex Grand Prix of the City of La Baule will take place on Sunday, June 9.

Dinard / July 18 - 21

The prestigious Jumping International de Dinard, which takes place from July 18 to 21, was first held in 1912 and is now one of the most popular and respected events on the international show jumping calendar. Rolex Testimonials Bertram Allen (2015) and Martin Fuchs (2021, 2022) have both won the Rolex Grand Prix, held in France on the magnificent Brittany coast.

Dublin / August 15 - 18

Supported this year for the first time by Rolex as Official Timekeeper and Title Sponsor of the CSIO5* Grand Prix, the CSIO Dublin Horse Show will also offer a high-level show from August 15 to 18. With a history spanning almost 150 years, this remains Ireland's most prestigious equestrian event.

Brussels / August 29 - September 1

Next, we head to Belgium for the majestic Brussels Stephex Masters. The competition, which celebrates its tenth edition in 2024, is renowned for its intense competition and vibrant atmosphere and is considered one of Europe's finest show jumping events. The Rolex Grand Prix on Sunday, September 1, will once again be the highlight of the five-day event.

Wellington / March 29 - 31

The Wellington Winter Equestrian Festival will run for 12 weeks from January to March 2025. Held at Wellington International, one of the world's leading centers of equestrian excellence, it attracts the best equestrian athletes. The event hosts the highest levels of competition, with the Rolex Grand Prix being the highlight of the 12th week.

Each of these competitions, whether held in Europe or North America, demonstrates Rolex's enduring commitment to excellence and innovation in equestrian sport. The Rolex Series competitions will be the highlight of each event, showcasing the harmony between horses and riders, as well as their courage and confidence. Rolex's involvement not only underscores their dedication to the sport but also their pursuit of perfection and innovation, values central to everything they do. The Rolex Series promises to set a new standard and raise the bar for future generations in the equestrian sport.