Jessica Springsteen: My focus is on the Tokio 2020 Games

Jessica Springsteen: My focus is on the Tokio 2020 Games
USA's Jessica Springsteen was born December 30, 1991 as the daughter of rock legend Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa. Spite her young age, Springsteen is one of today's top ladies in the equestrian sport. She combines her equine activities with her studies at the Duke University in North Carolina. Our partner magazine Puissance took some time to sit back and have a little talk with Polo Ralph Lauren's equestrian 'face'.

Where did your fascination for the equine sports start? 
When I was a toddler we moved form Los Angeles to New Jersey. At my 4 years old I started to ride a pony, it was lovely. Only three years later I got my first pony, Shamrock. Although he bucked me off a couple of times I loved that pony.


Jessica SpringsteenYou lived at  a farm, did you like it?

My brothers and I were surrounded by animals, pigs, cows, dogs, cats, etc. As a child this is the playground you dream of. I had an amazing time at the farm. I loved animales and still do. Taking care of them was everything I wished for.

Your equestrian career boosted in your teenages...
As a teenager the passion even grew stronger. Combining my studies and competitions I suddenly realised I could do the equestrian sports as a profession. Since that moment my thoughts are on that one goal. In 2010 I rode my first important succes. I won the North-American Championships for Young Riders. In 2012 I tried to qualify for the  USA Olympic team for the Games in London. At that moment I was not qualified, looking back maybe for the best.

Recently you moved to the Netherlands with your trainer Edwina Tops Alexander ...
Edwina is one of those extraordinary female riders and trainers. She has a passion for horses, she nows how to handle her sportive career and business and maybe most important she can ride to the top without pushing her horses to much. I am grateful I am able to train and live with her. I learn from her every day and you should she the accomodation ... it is amazing!
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What's your ultimate equestrian dream?
Like most riders I dream to compete at the Olympic Games. I don't think the Rio 2016 Games will be it. I still need to train and learn a lot. Therefor I've decided to focus on the 2020 Tokio Games. I will do my best to keep my horses sane. Further I hope to continue to represent the USA at some FEI Nations Cup competitions.

Who makes the difference: the Horse or the Rider?
Out sport is a team sport. Both horse and rider are equal. If we don't work together, synchronized, we don't succeed. This is why it is important to get to know your horse. To be able to understand what it is trying to say.

Jessica Springsteen DavendyWho is your favorit rider?
I admire a lot of riders. When I was younger I looked up at Beezie, Laura and Ward McLain. They were my 'American' Idols. I followed them at some major Grand Prix competitions and always wondered if I would be able to 'make' it as much as they did. When I arrived in Europe and started to compete in the Global Champions Tour, competing against the top 30, I was amazed by how much I still had to learn. You learn so much by just looking at the topriders. Now Edwina is the rider I look up to. She has the gift to get the best out of every horse.