The six types of ponies each rider has ridden in their career

The six types of ponies each rider has ridden in their career

Ah, ponies. Deceptively cute and probably thoroughly evil, they are the ones most kids learned to ride on, our little legs swinging uselessly and bodies bumping in an out-of-rhythm attempt to match their short strides. With them we learned the basics of stopping, going and steering, often out of sheer necessity.  There may be a few ponies with a heart of gold, but what is far more common - at least in my experience - are ponies who put their little riders through all the trials and tribulations while their instructors shout encouragements like, "It's good practice!" and "Wow, you're learning so much today!" Here are the 6 types of ponies that every rider encounters at some point in their career.

1. The one who turns (and stops) on a dime. 

This pony is less than three feet tall and yet wouldn't look out of place in a Grand Prix Freestyle. You think you're galloping over an obstacle with the utmost elegance, but suddenly your pony has just turned the corner and your body has to continue over that jump alone. But hey, if they throw you off often enough, you'll really get a steady seat! 

2. The pony that won't let you take off. 

This pony is excellent at being groomed, saddled, and taken out of the barn. They probably even stand docile at the mounting block while you climb up that step. They are waiting for the moment you lift your leg or put it in the stirrup to suddenly rearing up, attacking and/or jumping aside. With reins and stirrups flapping, they run to the barn while his rider is left somewhat dazed This pony will teach you to get on quickly.

3. The pony that won't stop eating. 

This pony will forever be etched in your memory. Somehow they are even worse than the ponies that try to scaffold, buck, run away or run you over. This pony has the power to move even a skilled young rider to tears as they fight a neck of pure muscle that stretches to grab grass and then refuses to move forward. And/or goes back to the barn at the first sound of the feed cart. This horse will teach you only one thing: humility.

4. The one who has no manners. 

We've all experienced it. Remember that horse who lifted his head just high enough to be out of your reach? Or the pony that dragged you through the barn while you clung to the end of a rope, your heels digging uselessly into the ground?  That's when you learned to be especially smart, by getting them where you want to go (or, you know, bribing).

5. The pony with the heart of gold

Ah, bless them: the pony with the heart of gold. They let you bury your face in their mane for hugs and never run away when you drop the rope, even though they could have. The pony who was sweet enough to lift his feet for you and who never complained about your sack-of-potatoes seat when you learned to take a trot and sit a canter. This pony taught you that angels are real.

6. Love against all odds.

Objectively speaking, this pony is not a star. He may have a club foot, strange lumps, or weird scars on a hind leg from an old hock injury. In the barn, he is considered a discard, even though he is nice. Their careers are stuck at beginner horse because they can't jump or canter but they are sweet, willing, and your very best friend. They hear all your secrets and quietly sniff apple slices out of your hands. In your eyes, they are the best and most talented horse in the world. Every sacrifice of your time, money and personal sanity seems worth it when you ride them. This is the pony that will make you fall in love with horses forever.

Source: Horse Network