Mike Kawai and Celvin conquer Worldcup Riyadh

Mike Kawai and Celvin conquer Worldcup Riyadh

Only three combinations produced a double clear  round ithe 1.60m Worldcup competition.  It was eventually Mike Kawai jumpivg to victory aboard his 12-year-old Raphael-son, Celvin.

1. Mike Kawai - Celvin
2. Waled Alghamdi - Cenieta
3. Mohamed Talaat - Casanova Royal

Celvin was bred by Dutch breeder, mr. Oomen. Before it was Belgium's Jérome Guery competing Celvin. Earlier this year Mike Kawai took over the reins. Recently Kawai also acquired Tokyo du Soleil.

The pair was about 1.5 seconds faster as Waled Alghamdi with the Verdi-mare, Cenieta. Mohamed Talaat completed the World Cup stage aboard the 10-year-old Casanova Royal (Cassus 2).